Additional Management Services

Ship Broking

Our team has close working relation with Owners and Brokers Globally and work towards the complete process of handling the Ship in market.

Insurance Management

We offer our Clients full Insurance Support in Hull &Machinery, Protection & Indemnity and War Risk Cover, Loss of Hire, FD&D, Federal and California COFR Guarantees at very attractive rates, while working closely with Underwriters and Insurance brokers & Companies.

We strive for high quality services and smooth Handling of Claims.


We conduct Pre Purchase, Pre Vetting, Pre PSC Inspections as per the requirements of our Clients, Owners, Charterers, Banks and other Financial Institutions for all kind of vessel at any International Ports either directly or through our closely working associates at very economical rates.

On completion of the inspection provide reports to assess the condition of the asset in interest.

Superintendent and Supervisory Services

We offer these services as required for different Technical and Commercial operation needs at very competitive and cost effective rates. The company can provide experienced Port Captains to supervise Cargo operations of dry cargo and tanker vessels or Cargo hold and tank cleaning operations on Chemical / Oil Tankers.


We offer consultancy for any kind of Technical, Legal, Claims and Commercial Matters.

Specialized Repair Teams

We have the availability of Specialized Repair Teams including Welders, Mechanics, Fitters, Electricians, Painters, Cleaners and General Workers available for Shore Repair and Voyage Repair for kind of vessel work. They are specially trained and specialized in their jobs and are able to conduct work safely on board within stipulated time frame.

Demolition Voyage and Lay Up Management

We provide the full Demolition Voyage Management at very attractive costs. We can take over the vessel right from the point of sale for “as is basis” case and perform full functions up to demolition at Scrap Yard.

We provide all related services for Hot or Cold Lay Up Management in Asia and around the Globe, while working though our close associates at very economical cost.

Dry Dock Repair and Tech Project Management

We provide a comprehensive Project Management Services to our Clients for Dry docking, Major Conversion, New Tech Installation and

        Services Offered for Dry Docking Project

  • Prepare Dry Dock Repair Specification
  • Prepare Spares and Services
  • Approve Quotes and Finalize Total Cost & confirm Yard
  • Total Job Execution and on site Monitoring
  • Coordination With Class for all Survey
  • Asses Final Invoice against work and negotiation for Principals
  • Cost Settlement
  • Prepare DD Reports, Finance Reports, Evaluation Reports

   Major Conversion & Tech Installation Work Projects

  • Development, review of specification
  • Plans and drawings approval
  • Makers evaluation and selection
  • Coordination with Class & other Authorities
  • On Spot Monitoring and Execution
  • Final assessment, Trials, guarantee and claims settlement

New Building Management

Services Offered for New Building Project

  • Development, review and negotiation of newbuilding contracts and specification
  • Plans and drawings approval
  • Makers evaluation and selection
  • Site office set-up and ship construction supervision

Ship Sale and Purchase

We work closely with some very renowned Brokers Globally for Clients requirements of Resale (Second Hand Market) and New Building market.

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